Corporate Social Responsibility

We actively identify and manage environmental, social and governance (β€œESG”) considerations that may be material to the long-term sustainability of our business. ESG issues that we focus on across the Company include workplace health and safety, energy efficiency, waste management, climate risk, human capital management, diversity and inclusion, supply chain management, business ethics and compliance, and data privacy and protection.

We take ESG-related risks and opportunities into account in our strategic decision-making, both by the Board and management. ESG matters are managed and monitored by senior management throughout the year. The Board exercises oversight over ESG matters at the full Board level and through our relevant committees.

In 2019 and 2020 we intend to undertake a review of our ESG priorities and programs in connection with a project for the development of a comprehensive business sustainability model. We will be reviewing selected ESG-related policies and procedures, with a focus in part on life-cycle impacts for our products, climate-linked emissions, and resource sustainability. As part of this review and project, we expect to produce and periodically update additional information on our ESG programs, objectives, and accomplishments in future years.

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