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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Dear Colfax Associate:

Colfax Corporation’s goal is to maintain the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business. It is important that all associates, officers and directors, irrespective of position or location, understand and faithfully implement those standards. Our customers, as well as our investors and business partners, expect nothing less. 

Simply stated, we will obey the law and act ethically. While this principle drives our general approach to how we conduct business, its application in particular contexts can require some additional guidance. This Code of Business Conduct, referred to here as the “Code,” has been designed to help our Associates understand and comply with the laws and policies that apply to our business and our internal ethical standards. Although this Code cannot answer every question of conduct that may arise in our business, it sets forth our guiding principles and serves to alert you to situations that require extra concern or guidance.

A copy of this Code has been provided to each Associate. If you misplace it, you can obtain another copy from your Human Resources Manager or access an electronic copy of the Code, which is available on our intranet at The Code will be periodically reviewed and updated, and we ask each of you to review the Code from time to time and re-commit yourselves to the standards it outlines.  

As you will notice when reviewing the Code, reporting of potential issues by our Associates is a key component of how Colfax maintains its high ethical standards and complies with applicable laws.  If you notice something that could violate these standards or prevent us from fully complying with our legal and ethical obligations, please raise your concerns using the reporting mechanisms described below. Trust is hard to win and easy to lose. Colfax's reputation is in all of our hands. We count on your full commitment to maintain and enhance Colfax's reputation for integrity going forward.


Very truly yours,
Matthew Trerotola
Chief Executive Officer

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